Cantonese Noodles | Chinese Lunch Box Delivery Downtown Vancouver

Cantonese Noodles | Chinese Lunch Box Delivery Downtown Vancouver

Cantonese Noodles | Chinese Lunch Box Delivery Downtown Vancouver

Although China's eating habits can be summed up as "noodles in the north", it doesn't mean that southerners don't like noodles and can't come up with decent noodle delicacies. Suzhou has Aozao noodles covered with fresh toppings such as braised duck fat intestines, and Chongqing has fresh noodles. The spicy noodles are so addicting that you can't stop. In Canton, there is a bowl of wonton noodles that you can't get enough of.

Wonton noodles are the representative of Cantonese noodle dishes. They are also made of flour and eggs, but after the craftsmanship of the master and the bouncing bamboo, the noodles have a unique taste of fine, tough, elastic, crispy and smooth.

In addition to wonton noodles, there are oil noodles, car noodles, oil residue noodles, whole egg noodles, Puning noodles... All kinds of round and flat thickness, with lye water and no lye water make up the noodle family in Guangdong.

Canton · Bamboo Noodles - Perfect Chinese Lunch for you

In the book "Old Guangzhou", it is written that the old Guangzhou is the Tang suit and the fragrant cloud yarn, the big house in Xiguan and the Shunde Mazu, the boat porridge sold on the boat, and the wooden sandals that are kicking in the alleys. The description is vivid.

Regarding the taste of this old city, I think there is also the noodle shop that opened under the arcade, and the old Guang people have grown up eating to the old wonton noodles.

Delicious wonton noodles, in addition to the fragrant goldfish tail wontons, also need to be accompanied by silver silk noodles made of duck eggs, lye water and flour.

Silver silk noodles first appeared in Xiguan, Guangzhou in the late Qing Dynasty. From egg-beating, rubbing flour to Tong noodles, it pays attention to the close cooperation of each step. Different from ordinary noodles, Yinsi noodles are mixed with medium-gluten and high-gluten flour and alkaline water to make the noodles springy; then high-viscous duck eggs are used to make the dough gluten, making the noodles refreshing.

After reconciling the noodles, it's the most critical step, the bamboo rises the noodles. The bamboo that was originally used to build a tent is thick, well-proportioned and elastic. It is a good noodle tool. The master rides on one end of the bamboo pole and uses his body weight to compact the dough on the other end, bounce back and forth, and shape the toughness of the noodles. Silver silk noodles are also called "bamboo rising noodles".

Bamboo rising noodles are ready, but also need to go alkali, and wait for the irritating alkaline water taste to evaporate before eating.

After the noodles are cooked in a pot, drain the water with a rib cage, and then pour a large spoon of the broth made with roasted fish, pork bones, and shrimp shells, and add wontons. Guangzhou taste.

Hong Kong Shrimp Noodles - Cantonese Lunch Delivery Vancouver Downtown


Hong Kong Shrimp Noodles - Cantonese Lunch Delivery Vancouver Downtown

In Hong Kong, which borders Guangdong, there are many high-rise buildings, and the old master is using his calloused hands to bring noodles to life.

The factory at the back is busy making noodles, while the shop at the front sells shrimp noodles, scallop noodles, spinach noodles, tomato noodles... There are only 3 traditional noodle shops left in Hong Kong.

Among the many dry noodles, the most popular among Hong Kong people is the prawn noodles. This so-called healthy version of instant noodles is made with fried shrimp (ie shrimp eggs), without frying, without adding MSG.

Even people who don't know how to cook can use it to conquer any taste buds: boil the noodles, mix them with soup after cooking, the noodle soup comes with fresh shrimps, or add oyster sauce to dry it, and the taste is even more ecstasy.

The early version of prawn noodles was to catch prawns with Zhusheng noodles. At that time, the rich people thought that the egg noodles were bland, so the noodle stall owner prepared a bottle of prawns as a spare. It can also be more expensive.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the economy improved, and there were more shrimp noodles. Some noodle shops simply made noodle cakes to increase their business. Later, in the 1980s, chuanyiding and doll noodles became the trend, and handmade shrimp noodles gradually declined.

In recent years, people who pay attention to health have fallen in love with the original shrimp noodles again.

The shrimp noodles that are good to the end are covered with golden shrimps, which are salty and fragrant; the noodles are refreshing and springy, without the taste of alkaline water. In addition to dine-in, you can also buy some shrimp noodle cakes to go home and make a first-class supper!

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