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What is Char Siew? Chinese Dishes Delivery Vancouver

Char Siew is a traditional famous dish in Canton Province. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine. This dish is a kind of Cantonese roasted meat. This dish is to hang the marinated lean pork on a special fork and grill it in the oven. A good barbecued pork should be tender and juicy, bright in color and full of fragrance. Among them, the balance of fat and lean meat is the best, which is called "semi-fat and thin"; other dishes made with barbecued pork include: barbecued pork rice , barbecued pork buns , and barbecued pork crisps.

Char Siew is a kind of Cantonese roast pork, which is cooked by putting pork on a fire with a fork, hence the name. When grilling char siu, the surface is coated with red char siew sauce , so the char siew is red. "Char Siu" is developed from "Plug Siu". Roasting is made by inserting the pork loin into the belly of the whole roasted pork and roasting it. Because, the most delicious part of a roasted whole pig is the tenderloin . But a pig, with only two tenderloins, is difficult to meet the needs of gourmets. So people came up with a way to burn it. But this can only be inserted a few, more will not burn. Later, it was changed to skewering several pieces of tenderloin and fork, and over time, the name of roasting was replaced by barbecued pork. Other main ingredients of char siu sauce include: soy sauce, minced garlic, maltose , southern milk, five-spice powder, wine, etc. The pork belly is roasted in the pork belly, using a dark fire, and it is cooked by heat radiation; the char siu is cooked on an open fire, which is directly roasted with the fire, so that the thin tenderloin will appear dry, so the tenderloin is later cooked. The meat was changed to semi-fat and lean meat, and smeared caramel on the surface . It has decomposed fat and caramel during the barbecue process to relieve the fire without drying up, and it has a sweet aroma.

How to Cook: Chow Mein Delivery Burnaby

  1. Cut the pork into many large pieces about 1.5-2CM thick, and then use the back of the knife to finely chop the pork on both sides to make the pork softer so that it can be delicious;
  2. Coat both sides of each piece of pork evenly with cornstarch and sugar, and marinate for a while; Char Siew Char Siew
  3. Then use a spoon to scoop out the char siu sauce and spread it thickly on both sides of the pork slices. Remember, it should be thick. The dosage is about 1 pound of pork with about 5 tablespoons of barbecued pork sauce, anyway, to achieve the effect of filling the bottom of the pork with the barbecued pork sauce;
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to marinate overnight;
  5. Remove the plastic wrap and put it on the oven tray (the tray is coated with a layer of oil to prevent sticking to the pan). The temperature is about 200 degrees and the time is 30 minutes. Be sure to choose double-sided baking. During the roasting period, take out and turn over three times while brushing the marinade and continue roasting to prevent burning. Then you can rest assured to do other things. After baking, remove from the oven with anti-scald gloves or a fork and eat.

 Cooking Tips: Fried Rice Delivery Downtown Vancouver

  • Select the part of pork called "pork neck meat". This part of the meat is mainly lean meat, with a little fat layer in the middle. During the burning process, the fat layer melts, making the barbecued pork a little oily and tastes more delicious;
  • First fry the marinated meat on both sides in a high heat pan, so that the surface of the meat can be cooked in a thin layer in a short time, seal the gravy of the uncooked meat inside, and then turn to low heat and fry slowly, so that The char siew that came out was very fresh and soft, not too dry and hard.
  • Pat loose with the back of the knife, which is good for the taste; but the sugar and cornstarch must not be too much.

Value: Chinese Dishes Delivery Burnaby

Pork (fat and lean): Pork is rich in high- quality protein and essential fatty acids, and provides heme (organic iron) and cysteine ​​that promotes iron absorption , which can improve iron-deficiency anemia ; However, due to the high cholesterol content in pork, obese people and those with high blood lipids should not eat more.

Starch (broad bean): Broad bean is rich in calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipids, etc. It is an important component of the brain and nervous tissue, and is rich in choline , which can increase memory and strengthen the brain. For those who are coping with exams or mental workers, proper consumption of broad beans may have a certain effect. The protein in broad bean can delay arteriosclerosis , and the crude fiber in broad bean skin can reduce gallbladder and promote intestinal peristalsis. At the same time, broad beans are also one of the anti-cancer foods , which have a certain effect on the prevention of colon cancer.

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