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Chinese Dim Sum Delivery Vancouver Downtown | James On Hastings

Chinese Dim Sum Delivery Vancouver Downtown | James On Hastings

Dim Sum are foods such as pastries. Legend has it that during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a great general was very moved when he saw the soldiers fighting bloody battles day and night, heroically killing the enemy, and repeatedly making military exploits. Mind". Since then, the name "Dim Sum" has spread and has been used forever.

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Tang Sun Yu's "Fantasy, Banqiao Sanniangzi ": "There was a period of time when the cock crowing, and the guests were about to leave. The Sanniangzi first turned on the lamp, placed the new biscuits on the food bed, and had snacks with the guests." Song Zhuang Jiyu's "Chicken Ribs" scrolled down: "Shangjue was slightly discouraged, and Sun saw it, and immediately came out of his arms and steamed the cake: 'You can have dessert'." Qing· Wu Chichang 's "Gussages from the Guest Window·Fixing Liars": "Xu said: 'I haven't eaten yet, and I am very discouraged. Will the officials agree to the same snack?'"

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Song Zhoumi's "Previous Collection of Guixin Miscellaneous Knowledge": "Wen Qing (Uncle Zhao Wen) is healthy, I want to make a snack, how about you?" " Water Margin " Chapter 14: "Let's escort this guy to Chao Baozhengzhuang to ask for some snacks to eat, but we went to the county to ask." Ming Feng Menglong's "Yu Shi Ming Yan" Volume 1: "I ate three cups in the wine shop, used some snacks, and went to Xue Po's family to inquire, but I didn't return." Lao She 's " Four Generations in the Same House " 39: "He thought that he should buy some snacks for the elderly to please them."

Tang and Song Dynasties

The name of "Dim Sum", related cooking materials, for example, Song Wu Zeng's "Neng Gai Zhai Manlu" has the following description: The secular example takes breakfast snacks as snacks, which has been said since the Tang Dynasty.
According to Tang Zhengxiu’s stay for Jianghuai, his family prepared his wife’s morning meal, and his wife said to his younger brother: “I haven’t finished the dressing, I haven’t had dinner yet, so I can have some snacks.” Wu Zeng was the same era as Liang Hongyu, and it was written in Gaozong’s Shaoxing 20th century. From four years to twenty-seven years, the case of Zheng Xiu, a Tang Dynasty man, is well documented and should be fully believed.

Modern Dim Sum

Judging from the literature, dim sum and tea food were originally different, and their nature was different, but later they were confused.
According to the investigation, the history of dim sum in the north is ancient, and the history in the south is new. The ancients may still have the legacy of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the new ones are only in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. There are two commonly used words on the signboard of the dim sum shop. I want to borrow it and use it here. It seems to be appropriate. The north can be called "official tea food", and the south is "Jiahu fine point". ——Zhou Zuoren , Dim Sum from the North and South

Traditional dim sum Restaurant Vancouver


Chinese food culture has a long and long history. As a part of Chinese catering - Chinese dim sum, after the long-term practice of our working people, especially the inheritance and development of dim sum masters, there are more and more varieties of dim sum, such as: Bao, dumpling, Cakes, groups, rolls, cakes, crisps, etc. Through thousands of years of creation by pastry chefs, their basic shapes are also colorful and realistic, such as geometric shapes, pictographs, natural shapes and so on. Baked foods were introduced from the West. Although they are convenient to eat and rich in nutrients, they are slightly inferior to Chinese dim sum in terms of styling. And we Chinese makers of baked goods, why can't we learn from and learn the essence of our own country in this regard? The following is an article excerpted by the editor of this journal in " Pastry Technology" for sharing by the majority of baking colleagues. dessert shape. 

1. package class:

Bao category mainly refers to all kinds of steamed buns , which belong to fermented dough. There are many kinds and patterns, according to the degree of fermentation, it can be divided into large bags and small bags; according to the shape, it can be divided into: pleated bags such as three-dimensional steamed buns , Xiaolong baos , etc.; fancy bags, such as longevity peach buns , goldfish buns , etc.; seamless buns , such as: sugar packets , crystal packets , etc.
Dumplings are an important form of pastry in China . Their shapes are: wooden fish shape, such as dumplings , wontons, etc.; crescent shape, such as steamed dumplings , pot stickers, dumplings , etc.; comb-back shape, such as shrimp dumplings, etc.; etc.; the head of the bird is shaped like a small wonton, etc.; there are other pictographic varieties, such as fancy steamed dumplings. According to their materials, there are: water dumplings, such as dumplings, steamed dumplings, pot stickers; oil dumplings, such as: curry crisp dumplings , eyebrow dumplings , etc .; White dumplings etc.
Cakes are mostly made of rice, flour, eggs, etc. as the main raw materials. Rice flour cakes include: loose cakes, such as five-color small round cakes , red bean lard cakes, etc.; sticky cakes, such as lard white sugar rice cakes, rose honey cakes , etc.; fermented cakes, such as Lunjiao cakes , cotton cake , etc. Flour-based cakes include Melaleuca oil cakes , honey cakes and so on. Cakes include clear cakes , fancy cakes, etc. Others include yam cake , horseshoe cake , chestnut cake , peanut cake and other cakes made from fruits, dried fruits , miscellaneous grains , vegetables, etc.
Dumplings are often called cakes together with cakes. They are generally made with rice flour as the main raw material and are mostly spherical. Varieties are: raw flour balls, such as dumplings , pigeons, etc.; cooked flour balls, such as double-stuffed balls. There are other varieties such as fruit-filled Yuanxiao and hemp balls.
Wide range of materials, variety changes. The varieties are: yeast rolls, which can be divided into flower rolls , such as Sixi rolls , butterfly rolls , chrysanthemum rolls , etc.; folded rolls, such as pig feet rolls, lotus leaf rolls, etc.; stretched and cut rolls, such as silver silk rolls , chicken silk rolls , etc. . Rice (flour) rolls, such as: Ruyi sesame cold rolls, etc. Cake rolls , if the sauce will be cake rolls, etc. Puff pastry rolls, such as terminalnut rolls, etc. Pie crust rolls, such as sesame fresh milk rolls, etc. Others include special varieties such as spring rolls
Cakes are one of the varieties with a long history in my country. According to the different crusts, it can be divided into: water-based cakes, such as pancakes , clear oil cakes , etc.; yeast cakes, such as Huangqiao sesame cakes , wine- stuffed cakes , etc.; short-formed cakes, such as scallion shortcakes , Suzhou-style moon cakes , etc.; other There are fried rice cakes made of rice flour , meat pot cakes made of egg noodles , water chestnut cakes and sweet-scented osmanthus corn cakes made of fruits and vegetables.
Most of the pastries are water-oil pastry. According to the way of expression, it is divided into: bright crisps, such as mandarin duck butter, Xuanhua crisps, lotus root crisps, etc.; dark crisps, such as double hemp cakes , etc.; semi-dark crisps, such as apple crisps . There are other mixed varieties such as peach cake and lotus paste nectar cake.
In addition to the pastry forms mentioned above , there are also some common varieties such as steamed buns, twists, zongzi , shumai, etc., which are also loved by people.

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There are many kinds of pastries in China , and different varieties have different shapes. Even if the same variety, different regions, and different flavor schools will be ever-changing and realistic in shape. But on the whole, the shape of noodles has certain characteristics, which can be summed up in the following aspects.
Geometric form is the foundation of plastic arts. Geometric shapes are widely used in face modeling, which is made by imitating various geometric shapes in life. Geometric shapes can be further divided into single geometric shapes and combined geometric shapes. Monomer geometric shapes such as tangyuan and lotus root dumplings; triangles and trapezoids for zongzi; squares for square cakes ; rectangles for pot cakes ; The three-dimensional flower cake is composed of several geometric bodies of different sizes, and combined with various flower shapes to form a beautiful three-dimensional shape. In general, this cake is a composite geometry.
This is a common shape in pastry making, especially some fancy pastries, which pay attention to shape and often imitate plants in nature, such as flowers, such as roses and peony flowers in boat points; lotus cakes and peonies in pastry products. Lily crisps , crabapple crisps ; orchid dumplings , plum dumplings , etc. in water-mixed products , there are also imitation fruits, such as pomegranate buns, longevity peach buns , gourd buns in yeast noodles, etc., and there are more in the boat points: persimmon , Sydney , grapes , oranges, apples, etc.; imitating vegetables are: green peppers, radishes, broad beans , peanuts, etc.
Imitation of animals is also a relatively wide range of shapes, such as hedgehog buns, goldfish buns , bat clips, butterfly clips , etc. in yeast noodles; dragonfly dumplings, swallow dumplings, zhili dumplings , pigeon dumplings , etc. in water -mixed noodles ; boats There are more points, goldfish, jade rabbit, chick, blue bird, jade goose, white pig... . These are imitation animal-shaped pastries.
The natural form adopts a relatively simple modeling method to make the dim sum form an irregular form through maturity, such as flowering steamed buns , which naturally "bloom" after steaming. Others such as open smile , palace peach cake , honeycomb egg yolk corner , hibiscus pearl cake, etc. are also naturally formed during the ripening process.

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"Dim sum" refers to small meals before or after a meal, and its variety is rich and varied. In Puxian Han folk, "Dim Sum" has become a common snack. However, the "dim sum" mentioned by the Puxian people has a special meaning, including a ceremonial behavior between relatives and friends.
Generally speaking, when people want to visit relatives and friends' houses, the host has to serve tea, or eat fruits, melon seeds, etc. politely. In this way, the host also feels that the reception is not good, so he specially cooks "snacks", usually boiled noodles, rice noodles, or eggs, duck eggs, rice balls and so on. However, guests must accept the hospitality of the host. No matter how full their stomachs are, they have to sit down and taste a few mouthfuls to show that they are politely accepting the etiquette of the other party. During this time, the host held chopsticks and squeezed the guests’ bowls from time to time, and kept saying “eat it clean”, “eat them all!”, “You’re welcome, it’s such a long way, you’ll be hungry…”, the guests always feel embarrassed , embarrassed. After a while, the guests put down their chopsticks and left the table. At this time, the host was in a hurry and insisted that the guests eat a few more bites. The guests only eat about one-third or one-fourth of the peanuts, seaweed, meat, green vegetables, day lily, etc. on the "dim sum" bowl. They only eat a little bit, and they don't dare to eat them all, for fear of being rude . At this time, the host and guest dawdled for a while, and finally the host had to bring the dessert to the kitchen and put it in a pot. After the guests left, it was served to the children. It's called "Eat Fu Yu".

The owner cooks "dim sum" and boiled eggs. Usually four are cooked, the guests only eat two, and the remaining half is polite. No matter how hungry you are, you can't eat them all. Puxian folks call it "leave the bottom of the bowl". When cooking "dim sum", if it is a male guest, the host must also prepare wine. In the past, ordinary families in rural areas cooked as many as hundreds of bowls of "dim sum" a year, indicating that there are many exchanges, many guests, and a crowded market. In a sense, this shows that the host is hospitable, the friends are widely spread in all directions, and it is regarded as an honor to make many friends and diplomacy. In the past, when people invited a doctor to visit a doctor, they also had to cook "dim sum", and the owner had to cook rice noodles. Because rice noodles are fragile and fluffy when cooked, it means "crisp scallions". That is to say, a doctor sees a patient, and when the medicine is cured, the patient will recover quickly. During the Spring Festival, when cooking "dim sum", you must cook noodles or noodles or machine noodles, which means longevity and longevity. When a child is admitted to a university and is about to leave for a long journey, or a young man enlists to join the army, the relatives cook "dim sum" to express their blessings, and they should cook egg soup to express success.
When people build houses, or decorate or make furniture, they hire masons and carpenters. At three o'clock in the afternoon, they must cook "snacks" for the craftsmen to eat. This situation is flexible, such as linen noodles, beaten noodles, flour noodles, rice noodles, white rice crackers, etc. The artisans work hard and use the "snacks" as meals in the afternoon. Generally, they have to eat half a bowl after they are finished. People hire craftsmen to work and prepare "snacks" to satisfy their hunger, usually steamed buns, cakes, bread and so on. When the house is completed, the owner cooks a bowl of noodles, which is called "furnace return noodles", that is, "dim sum" when the project is completed. During confinement confinement, Puxian women eat more meals and drink more every day, which is called "ninety casserole, one hundred and eighty bowls", which means three meals and three "snacks" a day. Some people are greedy and lazy, and are spurned by others, who call them "three meals and four snacks". In fact, three meals a day are enough for the average person, unless they work overtime at night and eat a "snack". There are many stalls on the street for supper, and they provide catering services for those who work overtime at night. It is said that eating snacks at night will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, and work until about ten o'clock to rest will not affect your health. Many people with stomach problems have to eat small meals frequently, which becomes a habit.
During the busy farming season in rural areas, farmers' labor intensity increases and their physical strength is exhausted. In addition to three meals, they have to add "snacks" to satisfy their hunger. This kind of "dim sum" in the busy farming season is based on the convenience of others, and there are various varieties. Some even cook the leftovers from lunch and treat it as "dim sum". It is relatively simple and mainly to eat.
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