Chinese Dinner Delivery Vancouver | Steamed Sea Food

Chinese Dinner Delivery Vancouver | Steamed Sea Food

Chinese Dinner Delivery Vancouver |
Steamed Sea Food

One of the common cooking methods. The specific operation is to put the pretreated fresh ingredients, together with seasonings and accessories directly in the pot, cover the pot and steam until cooked.

Dishes made by steaming are authentic and fresh, and can retain the nutrients of the ingredients to the greatest extent, so they are recognized as the healthiest cooking method. When cooking dishes using the steaming method, pay attention to the following points: First, the main ingredients must be fresh, which is the basic guarantee for determining the quality of the dishes; second, the water needs to be boiled before the main ingredients are put into the pot. The advantage of this is to avoid heating the water. In the process, the ingredients are aged, and it is easy to control a reasonable steaming time. Third, use a reasonable amount of salt to avoid excessive saltiness and damage the original flavor of the ingredients.

The steaming method is applicable to a wide range of vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood. The representative dishes include steamed hairy crab, steamed pomfret, and steamed pigeon.


Tips:Chinese Restaurant Burnaby Hastings

Tip 1: The weight of the fish is controlled at about 600 grams, such a size, placed in a fish plate, looks beautiful, and the raw and cooked heat is easy to grasp;

Tip 2: After cleaning up the fish, spread lard on both sides of the fish (clear oil is fine too), and then dip in a little white wine (you can also try some foreign wine, which may create new flavors);

Tip 3: Mix about 50 grams of minced meat with a little soy sauce, sesame oil , salt, minced ginger, and minced mushrooms and put them into the fish belly, which can not only make the fish taste fresher, but also support the fish belly, making the steamed fish plump;

Tip 4: Take a large piece of old ginger, take the longest section and cut it into even and beautiful slender filaments, take the middle section of the green onion (not clear and not white, and the same length as the ginger) and shred it (for beauty and to induce appetite) On the fish plate, put the fish into the plate and then sprinkle some shredded onion and ginger on the fish;

Tip 5: After the water in the steamer is boiled, put the fish into the pot (don't steam the fish in cold water, it will break the pot. The secret of many steamed dishes is that the food is steamed after the water is boiled);

Tip 6: After turning off the heat, do not open the lid of the pot, and the fish does not take out of the pot, use the remaining temperature in the pot to "steam" for 8 minutes, and then immediately put out the pot, and then pour the pre-prepared seasonings (soy sauce, vinegar, clear oil ) all over the fish. (Do not put salt or monosodium glutamate, in order to keep it light and fresh), and then put a few coriander at will and serve it on the table.

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1. If it is steamed lotus fish or grass carp and other slightly larger fish (the weight is controlled at about 1000 grams), the steaming time can be extended for another 2-3 minutes, but not too long. Don't forget the "virtual steaming" trick;

2. When steaming a slightly larger fish, you can put two chopsticks under the fish body to make the fish fully cooked and quickly cooked. After the pot is out, in the kitchen, quietly remove the chopsticks, so that the diners will not find your tricks;

3. You can also put the prepared (soy sauce, vinegar, oil) juice to be poured on the fish in a small bowl, and steam it together with the fish. After the fish is out of the pot, pour this seasoning on the fish. On the body, this kind of sauce is less jerky than the previous raw juice, and the fish taste is more gentle and fragrant, which is suitable for the taste of the elderly and those who like light.

Cooking Time: Chinese Party Dinner Delivery Vancouver

1. Prepare the perch, remove the gills, scales, and belly of the perch.
2. Cut from the belly to the outside, do not cut the back of the fish
3. Make 3 slashes on the back of the fish, and rub it with some salt to taste
4. Put shredded ginger and green onion on the plate Steamed Sea Bass Steamed sea bass (2 pieces)
5. Put the sea bass on its back and add cooking wine
6. Sprinkle some ginger and spring onion
7. The water in the pot is boiled, add the sea bass
8. Steam over high heat for 3 minutes, pour out the juice in the fish plate, and steam for another 8 minutes
9. Pour some steamed fish soy sauce , add some vegetable oil, and steam for 1 minute.
10. Remove shredded ginger and green onion
11. Garnish with fresh shredded green onion and shredded pepper.
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