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Chinese Noodle Delivery Vancouver | Bamboo Noodles

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Bamboo Noodles

Bamboo Mein? Chinese Snacks Vancouver

Bamboo Sheng Noodles is a special snack in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine. It was renamed "sheng" because of the unlucky pronunciation of the word "pole" in Cantonese. Zhusheng noodles are noodles and wonton skins that are kneaded and kneaded by traditional methods, and pressed with Zhusheng (Da Mao bamboo poles).
As early as the Republic of China, Zhusheng noodles were popular in the Xiguan area of ​​Guangzhou. In the 1950s and 1960s, having a bowl of Zhusheng noodles was once a kind of good for Guangzhou people to eat. Since the mechanization of the noodle process in the late 1950s, the production process of bamboo noodles has changed from manual noodle making to machine kneading, rolling, cutting, and continuation. An old-fashioned traditional noodle that earned a place for Nanpai noodle dishes in the second episode of "A Bite of China".

Characteristics of Mein: Cantonese Restaurant Vancouver

Zhusheng noodles are made of noodles and boiled soup. The entrance of the noodles is elastic, which makes people memorable.

Production steps:

  1. Mix all ingredients except warm water Step
  2. Add warm water into snowflakes Step
  3. After forming a dough, take it out and press it with a noodle machine to form thin noodles. Step
  4. Make sure to boil the water first

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The bamboo poles selected for Zhusheng Noodles are exquisite and thick enough to ensure that it has a relatively large covering surface to replace human hands. After the master kneads the dough, he puts the dough on the chopping board, and then sits on the other side of the bamboo pole and pushes with his feet. The bamboo pole rolls the dough. into an open towel. After an hour or two, the dough can be kneaded and stretched into noodles as thin as silver threads. During the rolling process, do not add a drop of water. Usually, when kneading noodles, neither water nor eggs are added, but duck eggs are used. The noodles made with duck eggs are refreshing and full of egg flavor.

Wonton Noodle Soup Vancouver

When cooking noodles and putting noodles, they must be under the water when the water is boiling, then quickly disperse the noodles, then immediately fish them up and cross the Lenghe River, and finally put them in the boiling water and blanch them for a while. . It is also important to add the right amount of soup to the bowl first, then put the spoon, put vegetables or wontons and other ingredients on the spoon, and finally add the cooked noodles, because this will prevent the noodles from being soaked for too long. Have a blast!


Cuisine: Cantonese Cuisine Burnaby Hastings

Cantonese cuisine is Cantonese cuisine. It is one of the eight traditional Chinese cuisines. Cantonese cuisine is based on the advantages of hundreds of schools. It uses a wide range of materials, selects rare materials, and has exquisite ingredients. It is good at imitating innovation and cooking according to the preferences of diners.

Social evaluation: Chinese Restaurant Burnaby Hastings

"Guangzhou people like this kind of thin noodles, the taste is completely different from the ramen noodles in the north. The bamboo noodles are crispy and elastic, and they are full of toughness. The noodles are made of duck eggs. After using the traditional method to mix the dough, the most important thing is to The force when pressing the surface.

Roll the dough with bamboo, and use the gravity of the bouncing body to make the dough evenly stressed. The pressed dough can be used to make noodles and wonton skins, so that the pressed dough has a unique toughness.

Paired with a soup that has been boiled for more than 3 hours with pork bones, earth fish and shrimp, a bowl of delicious wonton noodles has become the favorite of Lingnan people. The Cantonese call this kind of noodles made by the traditional method Zhusheng noodles. This ancient noodle pressing method has been used from generation to generation. "--Zhusheng noodles described in "A Bite of China".
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