Chinese Restaurant Burnaby | Barbeque Pork Rice Lunch Delivery Burnaby

Chinese Restaurant Burnaby | Barbeque Pork Rice Lunch Delivery Burnaby

Chinese Restaurant Burnaby |
Barbeque Pork Rice Lunch Delivery Burnaby

Char Siu Rice is a special snack in Guangdong Province , belonging to Cantonese cuisine . This dish can be found in tea restaurants, restaurants and Hong Kong-style fast food restaurants in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China, as well as overseas regions such as Singapore and Malaysia. Juice or soy sauce cover a bowl or a plate of rice; Cantonese cuisine pays attention to raw materials, fresh materials, lighter taste, and more emphasis on health.

James Show you how to Cook: Chinese Restaurants Vancouver

  1. In a large fresh-keeping box, mix the barbecued pork sauce with chopped garlic, sugar, rice wine and a little water for later use.
  2. Rinse the barbecued pork a little, use kitchen paper to absorb the surface water, cut it into thick strips, put it in 1), mix and marinate, cover and place in the refrigerator to marinate for 3 days.
  3. Take the two middle racks out of the oven, bend the paper clip into a hook shape, hang the marinated meat, hang it on the top of the oven, put a large baking pan with water under it and then drip the barbecue juice.
  4. Turn on the fire and bake at 325F for 30 minutes, open the oven, brush the marinade on the barbecued pork, and turn the heat to BROIL. At this time, watch it not to burn, about 5 or 6 minutes, it is almost done.

Alternative Way to Cook: Chinese Food Burnaby

  • Take a non-stick pan, put the tenderloin and 1/4 bottle of barbecued pork sauce , castration for about two hours, turn the meat every half an hour, be careful not to add water
  • Directly add a small amount of water to the non-stick pot used for bacon, cook on high heat, keep stirring in the middle, flip the meat, add water when the juice is almost dry, repeat 3 times, pour a little out when the juice is thick and set aside , and then completely dry the juice, the surface of the meat is slightly mushy and ready to serve.
  • Let the meat cool thoroughly, slice and put on a plate, and pour over the marinade left before.

Nutritional Value: Vancouver Chinese Restaurant James

Char Siu is extremely high in calories and fat, and a plate of Char Siu Rice has 600 calories. Pork (fat and lean): Pork is rich in high- quality protein and essential fatty acids , and provides heme (organic iron) and cysteine ​​that promotes iron absorption, which can improve iron-deficiency anemia ; However, due to the high cholesterol content in pork, obese people and those with high blood lipids should not eat more.

Starch ( broad bean ): Broad bean is rich in calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipids, etc. It is an important component of the brain and nervous tissue, and is rich in choline, which can increase memory and strengthen the brain. For those who are coping with exams or mental workers, proper consumption of broad beans may have a certain effect.

The protein in broad bean can delay arteriosclerosis , and the crude fiber in broad bean skin can reduce gallbladder and promote intestinal peristalsis. At the same time, broad beans are also one of the anti-cancer foods, which have a certain effect on the prevention of colon cancer.

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