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Lo Mein Delivery Vancouver |
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What is Lo Mein: Vancouver Chinese Dishes Delivery 

Lo Mein is an ancient Chinese traditional noodle variety with a history of more than 1,000 years and is popular in most parts of China. There are some different names in different places. Some are called He Lao noodles, some are called bedzi noodles, some are called Yahe Lao or Yahe Lao.

Lo Mein is also the local language name of the Cantonese people for noodles (“Lao” Cantonese pronunciation lou1, which is a self-made word, and has nothing to do with the sound and meaning of “Lao” in “Salvage”), which refers to draining the noodles and adding sauce. Foods that are mixed together with ingredients are sometimes eaten with some ingredients . In China, lo mein is the traditional staple food in most parts of Henan , especially for lunch.

After the fresh noodles are cooked, they should be "scooped" into a bowl at any time, and then mixed with the pre-fried toppings and eaten; in summer, the cooked noodles should be "scooped" into a large container with cold water (pot). After the water has passed, "dish" it into a bowl, and eat it with fried toppings. The toppings have different tastes according to each family and season, both meat and vegetable. Classic toppings include scrambled eggs with tomatoes , scrambled meat with celery, shredded cucumber salad, scrambled eggs with shredded pumpkin, fried beans with garlic, potatoes and eggs, cabbage and tofu, etc. In addition, pure garlic mixed with sesame oil, vinegar and other seasonings is used as a topping, which is called "garlic noodles" ;

How To Cook:  Chinese Lunch Special Delivery Vancouver

Pork Lo Mein with Lettuce Sauce

Material: 300 grams of lettuce, 250 grams of raw noodles, 100 grams of minced beef , minced garlic, onion , cornstarch, raw oil , oyster sauce , oil and salt.

Mix a cup of water, half a tablespoon of cornstarch, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and salt to form a sauce. Cook the noodles. Wash lettuce, cut into small pieces, and blanch until cooked. Fry the beef with oil, minced garlic and onion until fragrant, finally add in the gravy and bring to a boil. Put the noodles on a plate, spread the lettuce, and finally pour the beef gravy sauce , and mix well when eating.

Nutritional value: Chinese Lunch Special Delivery Burnaby

Yellow millet is a coarse grain, rich in B vitamins, and has a nutritional complementary effect with the thickness of rice. The combination of rice and noodles has sufficient energy. Beef and salted eggs are rich in protein and easy to absorb.

Salted eggs are rich in calcium, iron and other inorganic salts, and their calcium and iron qualities are higher than those of eggs and fresh duck eggs.

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