Traditional Chinese Restaurants Burnaby | Fried Spring Rolls Delivery

Traditional Chinese Restaurants Burnaby | Fried Spring Rolls Delivery

Traditional Chinese Restaurants Burnaby | Fried Spring Rolls Delivery

Spring Rolls History: Chinese Restaurant Burnaby

Spring rolls are traditional Chinese holiday food , a kind of fried food, popular all over China, especially in Jiangnan and other places. In addition to eating at home, folks are also often used to entertain guests . Spring rolls have a long history and evolved from ancient spring cakes. According to the ancient book Chen Yuanliang 's "Sui Shi Guang Ji": "On a spring day, eat spring cakes, lettuce, and call it a spring plate."

The Qing Dynasty's "Yanjing Sui Sui Ji" also said: "During spring, rich families eat more spring cakes. "It can be seen that the folk customs of making spring cakes in spring and eating spring cakes have a long history. There are many proverbs about spring rolls, such as "one roll does not make spring", "spring rolls in Longshengtang---not people inside and outside", etc. Spring means spring here, and it is a good omen for welcoming spring.

Cooking Time: Cantonese Restaurant Vancouver

1. Put the flour in a bowl and add water to make a thin paste. Fried spring rolls Fried spring rolls

2. Divide the spring roll filling into 15 parts, put them in the middle of the spring roll skins , roll up the four sides, grow 2 inches and 5 minutes wide, and smear the batter on the closing part to stick it firmly, then the spring rolls are made.

3. Sit in a frying pan, pour in peanut oil, heat to 60% heat, put in the raw spring rolls , deep fry until golden brown, remove, drain off the oil, put them on a plate and serve.

4. Mix the flour with water and mix well, add refined salt and beat by hand to moisturise and leave for half an hour. Heat the pan and wipe it clean, pick up the reconciled water surface with your hands, put it into the pan again and again, and hang it into spring rolls.

More Ways to Cook: Chinese Dishes Delivery Burnaby

1. Bianjian bamboo shoots grow best in Tianmu Mountain. Soak the salty Tianmushan flat-tip bamboo shoots in water first, after soaking the salty taste, tear them into filaments by hand, and change the knife into pieces of about one inch.

2. Wash and shred the Chinese cabbage. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water and cut them into filaments. Vegetarian half chicken cut into filaments.

3. Take the wok, add a little refined oil to the wok, put in shredded Chinese cabbage, shredded mushrooms, shredded flat-tip bamboo shoots, and shredded vegetarian chicken, and stir fry together. The fire should be large and the cooking action should be fast, so that the fried dishes will have vegetables. After the Chinese cabbage is cooked, drizzle it with sesame oil and put it out of the pan for later use.

4. After the fried stuffing is cool, wrap it in a spring roll wrapper and seal it with batter.

5. Take the pot, add about 500 grams of refined oil to the pot, wait for the oil temperature to rise to about 40% (about 150 degrees), put in the wrapped spring rolls and fry, until the spring rolls are deep-fried into golden brown, put out of the pot and put in a pot. Can. Eat it with a dish of vinegar, depending on personal preference, I don't like it, I like to eat the original flavor.

New Way of Eating Chinese Snacks Vancouver

1. Cut the leeks into 3 cm long sections; put the shredded meat on a little salt and water starch slurry, slide it with warm oil, shake off the net oil, put it in the pot, add soy sauce, salt, and leeks to fry for a while, Make spring roll fillings.

2. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add flour, water, stir into a thin paste, spread it into 4 skins with a frying spoon and set aside.

3. Put the skin on the cutting board, roll in the stuffing, apply batter to seal the seal, and make 4 raw spring rolls one by one.

4. Put the pot on the high heat, pour in the oil, put in the spring rolls when it is 70% to 80% hot, and fry until the outer skin is crispy and golden brown. When eating, chop the spring rolls into segments and put them on the plate.

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