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Claypot rice, also known as Claypot Rice , is a famous dish in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine . The main types of the dishes are Claypot Rice with preserved meat, Claypot Rice with Mushroom and Chicken , Claypot Rice with Tempeh Pork Ribs , and Pork Liver , Roast Duck , White Cut Chicken Claypot Rice, etc.

Usually, brush the lard in the pot first, then put the washed rice into the pot, measure the amount of water, cover, and cook the rice until it is seven mature, add the ingredients, and then switch to a slow cooker. The "pot" made of tiles is more flexible in terms of heat control, and the rice produced from the pot is more fragrant, and the fragrance remains between the teeth, and the aftertaste is endless. When eating claypot rice, remember to taste the taste of burnt rice, which is fragrant and crunchy. Pour the hot rice into the soup and soak it for a while before eating it.

Cantonese Hot Pot History:  

Claypot rice originated from Guangzhou, Guangdong . It uses a casserole as a vessel to cook rice . In Guangdong, casserole is called claypot, so it is called claypot rice. The history of claypot rice can be traced back to the Central Plains more than 2,000 years ago. According to records such as "Notes on the Book of Rites", the first and second treasures in the Eight Treasures of the Zhou

Dynasty are the same as those of claypot rice, but they are changed to Yellow rice was only used as a raw material, which shows that it was very precious at that time. According to Wei Juyuan's "Recipe", it was called "Yellow Queen Mother's Rice" in the Tang Dynasty .


Variety classification - Chinese Restaurant Burnaby

The traditional varieties of claypot rice mainly include fermented pork ribs rice, preserved meat rice , slippery chicken rice, yellow eel rice , frog rice , salted fish fragrant pork rice, etc. The authentic one should use silk sprout fragrant rice, whichever is firm, fine and crystal clear and has a good taste. The taste is strong and easily soaked by the soup. Generally speaking, raw rice and lettuce can be cooked in one pot. Take fermented pork ribs rice as an example, wash the rice and put it on the pot, open the lid when it is cooked for six or seven years, add the raw pork ribs that have been seasoned with sauce, pour the sauce and sesame oil along the pot, and cook on low heat. Simmer until the rice is watered down, and cook the rice .

Hong Kong Style Cafe Vancouver

After the lid is lifted, add the shallots and spread the green rapeseed. If it is yellow eel or frog , the time can be shorter. If it is beef, it will be longer. It should be noted that the food needs to be taken into consideration. This is the heat. Delicious claypot rice has two characteristics that cannot be ignored. One is the sauce that is served with the claypot. When you lift the lid and pour it over the rice, there is a sizzling sound. This is the finishing touch, and it looks dark and bright. It all depends on the craftsmanship of the sauce master; the other is a layer of golden rice cooked by the smooth bottom of the crystal clear silk seedling rice, which is different from ordinary rice in that it is not only crispy but also has a deep taste. Essence, it depends not only on the heat, but also on the quality of the clay pot itself. A good clay pot has a bright glaze inside. Use a wire brush to brush off the residue from the previous pot.

Local characteristics of Chinese Food in Vancouver


Claypot rice, as the name suggests, is rice cooked in a small pot, probably unique to Guangdong. There are many small shops selling claypot rice in Guangzhou, usually on the side of the road. A row of stoves are filled with steaming claypots, and a master patrols back and forth with bamboo chopsticks, like a wheel battle in a Go. Such stalls are generally monopoly, and there will also be a case of soup. There are the most "porridge and noodle" shops on Guangzhou Street, followed by dessert shops, and possibly claypot rice shops. Although it is sold alone, there are dozens of varieties, which are delicious and inexpensive.


Kung Fu Claypot originated in Hefei, Anhui. Zhan Kaijun, the founder of Kung Fu Claypot, has eaten more than 700 types of claypot rice in order to sum up the experience of others, and finally selected Hong Kong-style, Taiwan-style, Cantonese-style and mainland claypot rice. As a fast food research and development project, Claypot Rice has created Kung Fu Claypot Rice with Chinese Kung Fu as the brand culture and rice, the staple food of Chinese people, as the core of the brand.


Another place that worships claypot rice is Dongguan . Since the specialty bacon is a good material for cooking claypot rice, the dried duck sausage and bacon are simply born for claypot rice, and it is a perfect match with the local silk seedling rice. However, there don’t seem to be many specializing in claypot rice in Dongguan. Although there are quite a few in front of the store that set up a stove to cook the claypot, most of them also sell others, such as the original steamed rice . The materials used are similar, but the containers are different. The claypot rice in Dongguan and Guangzhou is slightly different, such as preserved duck mixed with duck intestines and duck treasures.


There seems to be no one specializing in claypot rice in Shenzhen before, but Chaozhou claypot porridge is springing up. In fact, as a late-night snack, claypot rice is more suitable, and you can also drink some beer with dishes and rice. I've eaten claypot rice once or twice in a Chinese fast food restaurant , and I can't compliment it. That place seems to have everything, and everything is not good. Later, I accidentally went to a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant to eat a bowl of porridge, which was more authentic than I imagined. Compared with the often eaten Teochew-style porridge with leftover rice, the rice crackers were evenly distributed and became a fine product. Let's try another Lawei Claypot Rice . It's quite refreshing, the ingredients are solid, and the heat is measured. Since then, I have a good impression of "Hong Kong style".

How to Cook: Chinese Restaurant Burnaby Hastings

Steps: 1. Spread a thin layer of oil on the bottom of the clay pot and wash the rice. The ratio of rice and water: 1:1.5 (this ratio is very important, it is related to the degree of rawness of the rice! Too rotten is not delicious, and it is not edible at all!) Put the rice and water in a clay pot and boil it with high heat .

2. In less than ten minutes, the rice starts to collect water. You can see that there are holes on the surface of the rice. At this time, put the meat and shredded ginger in quickly! Hurry up!

3. After the meat is placed, put the shredded ginger and beat an egg. Cover, change to the lowest heat, and cook for another three or four minutes. The critical moment is here! Turn off the heat and let the claypot rice bake for fifteen minutes. Don't open the lid to see it again~ This is the most critical time for claypot rice, the rice will be born after the time of baking is not enough, and it is difficult to restore it.

4. After waiting patiently for fifteen minutes, the fragrant claypot rice is ready!

Material selection: Hong Kong Style Cafe Vancouver

A good claypot rice is very particular about the use of rice, and silk seedling rice is generally used, because this kind of rice is moist and crystal clear, the rice body is slender, and the flexibility is moderate. In addition to choosing rice, the choice of matching materials will also determine the taste of claypot rice.

For example , bacon rice , the crystal clear rice absorbs the essence of the bacon material, and is full of the rich and salty aroma of the soup. It is fat but not greasy, warm and delicious. After eating, it will be warm and refreshed. If you use fat and thin bacon meat , the fragrance is more intense.

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