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What is HONG KONG-STYLE CONGEE 荔灣艇仔粥: Hong Kong Dishes Delivery Vancouver

The origin of Ting Zai Porridge (Congee) : "It is a Guangzhou " Xiguan Kuo Shao" from a family in the middle of the road. In the dilemma of financial constraints, he bought a small boat and started a business selling porridge in Litchi Bay. Fried peanuts , fried squid shreds, fried rice vermicelli, lettuce leaves, jellyfish shreds , cooked pork belly shreds, etc. are used as porridge materials. When guests want to eat, put the porridge materials into a bowl, temporarily add fresh fish fillets , and pour into the boiling water. Flavor porridge (this flavor porridge is mostly made from chicken, duck or raw fish bones), then sprinkle with coriander , shredded green onion, basil leaves , and finally add a pinch of shrimp, a few drops of sesame oil , and serve it hot and fragrant to tourists

This kind of porridge is called "Tingzai porridge" because it is sold on boats (the Pearl River Delta is called a boat with a length of about 4 meters, a boat with a deck, and a canopy in the middle or rear section). Because of the rich ingredients and delicious taste , it is very popular. Later, this second-generation rich from the middle of the family made a fortune by virtue of his ingenuity and real materials. Although many people still like to eat boat porridge, it's a pity that you can't sit on the boat and eat porridge like before, you can only eat it on land, which is a pity! This porridge is actually not difficult to make, and it is delicious and can be eaten at home!

Material: Hong Kong Style Food Delivery Near Me

50 grams of barbecued pork , 50 grams of fish fillet, 50 grams of squid, 50 grams of floating skin, 50 grams of jellyfish , 50 grams of shredded egg, 20 grams of fried peanuts and 20 grams each of crispy, chopped green onion, scallion, shredded ginger, a pot of white porridge 

How to Cook: Hong Kong Style Café Vancouver

1. Take a small pot of white porridge and heat it, and then take an appropriate amount of each ingredient.

2. After the porridge is boiled, season it: Add an appropriate amount of salt, sugar and chicken essence, first add shredded ginger, barbecued pork , floating skin, squid whiskers and fish fillet, and boil for 5 minutes.

3. Add in jellyfish and shredded egg, roll for a while, and turn off the heat.

4. Put chopped green onion and coriander at the bottom of the bowl, pour in the porridge and mix well.

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