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Ginger Onion Crab Chinese Dishes | Chinses Food Delivery

Ginger Onion Crab Chinese Dishes |
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Canton, Dongguan traditional snack: "Ginger Onion Crab" Production Method: Use several slices of ginger, first add oil and garlic paste, let the oil boil and sauté until fragrant, then put it in a crab pot, stir well over an open fire, add a little Shaoxing wine and pepper, and cover the pot with a lid Simmer the crab until cooked, add raw onion and sesame oil, stir and serve. This is both delicious and fragrant, sweet to eat, slightly drunk, no wonder, gourmets flock to it. Some people say: "You don't need oil and salt to cook crabs, it tastes delicious and fresh", this is the simplest and most common "white-cut meat crabs". Rinse the crabs with water to decontaminate them, boil them in a pot of water, and cut them into pieces. Small pieces, served with soy sauce or Zhejiang vinegar, garlic paste, it is edible, the original taste, wonderful!

How to Cook: Cantonese Restaurant Burnaby

  1. After scrubbing the shell of the crab, cut it in half, remove the crab gills, crab stomach, crab heart, etc. that cannot be eaten, and pat the crab claws a little (so delicious).
  2. Sprinkle with dry starch and weigh it a few times with a plate, so that the crabs are evenly coated with starch.
  3. Shred ginger, cut onion into long sections, and slice garlic for use.
  4. Heat the oil in the pot. The oil is a little more than usual for cooking. Add the crab pieces and fry until the surface turns red, about seven mature.
  5. Remove the crab and drain the oil.
  6. After washing the pot, put a small amount of oil again, then add shredded ginger, garlic slices and spring onion and saute until fragrant.
  7. Pour in the fried crab just now, pour in cooking wine and stir-fry for a while, add a little salt and soy sauce and stir-fry evenly.
  8. Add an appropriate amount of clear soup (or water) and simmer for about 5 minutes.
  9. Finally, hook a thin glutinous rice, add the shallots and stir-fry for a few times.

Cooking Tips: Cantonese Dishes Delivery Vancouver

  • Don't stir-fry the crabs just put in the pot, because the crab meat will loosen after frying. 
  • The water quality, climate and ecological environment of Junshan Lake area are very suitable for the growth of river crabs, and the production scale of cultured river crabs has gradually formed. Junshan Lake Qingshui hairy crab is famous for its "green back and white belly, golden claws and yellow hair, huge body, delicious and tender". Although it is not as famous as Yangcheng Lake hairy crab , its taste and quality are not inferior.
  • Hairy crabs are also very well preserved . Take them home and store them in the refrigerator . They will not die for several days, and they are still so fresh. Although steaming is the best way to preserve the nutrition of hairy crabs, after eating steamed hairy crabs twice in a row, we decided to change the way of eating and stir-fry them with ginger and scallions.
  • Fried crab with ginger and green onion seems to be easy to make, but to make the taste, it is very important to master three points. First, the crab must be cleaned, patted with starch, and then fried in a pan; second, the onion and ginger must be fried. Saute the garlic until fragrant. The third is to add the crab pieces and stir-fry together, then add water and simmer for a few minutes.

Dishes Value: Chinese Sea Food Dishes Delivery Vancouver

Crabs are rich in protein and trace elements, which have a good nourishing effect on the body. Crabs also have anti-tuberculosis effects, and eating crabs is of great benefit to the recovery of tuberculosis. nutritional value Ginger also has the effect of detoxification and sterilization.

When we eat aquatic products such as Songhua eggs or fish and crabs, we usually put some ginger powder and ginger juice. When the human body performs normal metabolic physiological functions, it will produce a harmful substance, oxygen free radicals, which promote the occurrence of cancer and aging in the body.

After the gingerol in ginger enters the body, it can produce an antioxidant enzyme, which has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals, much stronger than vitamin E. Therefore, eating ginger can resist aging, and the elderly often eat ginger to remove "age spots".

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