James On Hastings Cantonese Food Restaurant Vancouver

BBQ Duck - James On Hastings Cantonese Food Restaurant Vancouver

James On Hastings Cantonese Food Restaurant Vancouver

As a representative of Cantonese cuisine in Vancouver, JamesOnHastings is absolutely well-deserved. Especially in East Side of Vancouver, James On Hastings Restaurant has the praise of "eat Cantonese cuisine, go to "James".

There is no exaggeration to say that James On Hastings taste is the most popular Chinese restaurant in Vancouver. Dishes are nothing but excellent; and the price is affordable, and the popularity is a matter

James ON Hastings Contribution

During the Covid-19 Period, James has provided free Chow Mein to Vancouver East side community. 
"Do whatever we could to contribute more to the local community." James said. 

James Dishes - Vancouver Mid-Night Dinner

In addition, one of the James on Hastings favor dishes is the BBQ Duck.  It is made with whole duck grilled. The color of the finished dish is golden red, the duck body is full, and the belly contains marinade, and the taste is mellow. The roasted duck is cut into small pieces, the skin, meat and bones are connected but not detached, and the entrance is immediately separated. It has the characteristics of crispy skin, tender meat, fragrant bones, and fat but not greasy. If it is dipped in sour plum sauce, it will have a unique flavor. 

The selection of materials, creativity, and cooking skills are indispensable to create the extraordinary Free-Run Duck. The taste is very complex. It is refreshing and tender in one bite.

Nutrient of BBQ Duck

Fatty acids in duck meat have a low melting point and are easy to digest. It contains more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meats, which can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and various inflammations, as well as anti-aging. Duck meat is rich in niacin, which is one of the two important coenzyme components of human meat, and has a protective effect on patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction. 


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