Where can you get the best Chinese food in Vancouver?

Where can you get the best Chinese food in Vancouver?

Where can you get the best Chinese food in Vancouver?

In 2022, it is definitely hard time for the most of the local Chinese Restaurants. Omicrons are just killing all the local business softly. 

Hate crimes, mostly against Asian people, rose over 700 per cent in the months following the start of the pandemic, according to statistics from the Vancouver Police Department.

"it is hard time for us" James said, James on Hasting Chinese Restaurant chef. "We have been in business for almost 14 years at the same location, 2021-2022 seems to be the worst year in 14 years, food are getting more and more expensive, we got to open late at night to cover some of our losses."

Most of the lower mainland restaurants have to switched to takeout or online Chinese dishes during the government ban on indoor dining. 

Let's gathering together and help the local Chinese Restaurant business. Here are some of the restaurant have online orders services: 

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Are international awards for the beef noodle soups convincing enough? The global chain has locations in Kerrisdale, Ambleside, UBC, SFU and Richmond. There’s a whole lot of other noodles soups as well as other dishes like dumplings, mashed red bean cake, rice bowl dishes and deep-fried chicken nuggets.

Chef Tony

Where: Empire Centre, 4600 No. 3 Rd., Richmond.

Info: 604-279-0083.

A few years ago, I wrote that I was “gobsmacked in a good way” by a dish — the steamed milk and egg white dumpling, beautifully prepared with herbs shyly visible through the translucent wrapper and filled with a soft pudding of whipped eggs and milk. It took the chef two months to nail it technically and it was delicious. The dim sum stands out, but youll find overall high-quality Cantonese food. 

Chinese Restaurant Near Me - James on Hastings Chinese Restaurant

Where: 2683 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 3W8

"WHAT A CHINESE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT IN VANCOUVER! James on Hastings, a long-standing Chinese restaurant in Vancouver East. refined Cantonese cuisine including handcrafted premium lives seafood, slow-simmered soup, traditional Hong Kong-style barbeque, and its world-renowned roasted squab. One of the few Chinese Spots that are open super late in Vancouver. Free plain congee after 9pm.

Place your online Order today, James on Hastings provide Chinese Food Delivery Services


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