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BBQ Roasted Duck is a delicacy that uses duck as the raw material and seasonings with white sugar, green onions, and salt. This dish is made by pouring the ingredients into a pot and stir-frying.

Duck: Asian Food Hastings Vancouver

The fatty acid in duck meat has a low melting point and is easy to digest. It contains more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meats, which can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis, and various inflammations, as well as anti-aging. Duck meat is rich in niacin, which is one of the two important coenzyme components in the human body, and has a protective effect on patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction. Duck meat is cold in nature, cold in nature, sweet and salty, and mainly tonic for consumptive exhaustion. Nourishes the yin of the five internal organs, clears the heat of consumptive labor, nourishes blood and promotes water, nourishes the stomach and produces body fluid, relieves cough and self-frightening, and eliminates snail accumulation. It is suitable for ordinary people to eat, especially for patients with body heat, anger, weakness, lack of food, constipation, edema, heart disease, cancer, and patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.



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