BEEF WITH GINGER 紫蘿牛肉 - 溫哥華粵菜


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Vancouver Asian Food Restaurant

BEEF WITH GINGER 紫蘿牛肉 - 溫哥華粵菜

Pineapples, tropical fruits, are more abundant in Southeast Asia. The pineapples produced in Guangdong are also very famous. The quality of Zhongshan, Panyu, Dongguan, and other places is better. Some of them even have sweet and crispy hearts, which are called sugar heart pineapples. Pineapple can stimulate the secretion of saliva because it has a particularly attractive aroma and contains an enzyme that has the function of breaking down proteins. For people who eat too much meat or starch, eat a few slices of pineapple to help digestion. There are many varieties of ginger.

The ones in the north are big ginger, and those in the south are mostly medium ginger and small ginger. The sharp buds that grow before the autumnal equinox are slightly purple. This kind of ginger is called purple ginger or purple bud ginger, purple ginger. Young ginger. What grows after frost is called old ginger. Ginger is very healthy food.

At present, the weather is hot and humid, and the appetite is also affected. Some people like to eat spicy food to increase their appetite. Beef with purple radish is a sweet and sour dish and an appetizing home-cooked dish.


Note: Mid-Night Dinner Starting at 9 pm. 溫哥華打冷宵夜晚上9点开始。 

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