Beef With Vegetables On Rice 時菜牛肉飯

Beef With Vegetables On Rice 時菜牛肉飯 |  温哥华港式茶餐厅

Beef With Vegetables On Rice 時菜牛肉飯

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Beef With Vegetables On Rice
時菜牛肉飯 | 

1. The texture of kale is crisp, slightly bitter, and sweet. Before cooking, it should be blanched in boiling water to remove the bitterness; when stir-frying, adding cooking wine and white sugar has the effect of removing bitterness and increasing freshness.

2. Kale is rich in vitamin C and carotene, which is effective for symptoms such as gastrointestinal heat, staying up late and insomnia, rising virtual fire, swollen gums, and bleeding.

3. Beef tenderloin should be selected to taste, it is the most tender meat on the cow, suitable for stir-frying into vegetables; adding cornstarch and oil to marinate the beef can make the meat more tender and tender.

4. Use cooking wine to marinate beef, which can remove the smell and flavor. You can't use rice wine to marinate beef, otherwise, the beef will taste heavy after frying.


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