Deep-Fried Chicken Wings 炸雞中翼

Deep-Fried Chicken Wings 炸雞中翼 | Chinese Restaurant Burnaby | James On Hastings

Deep-Fried Chicken Wings 炸雞中翼

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Deep-Fried Chicken Wings 炸雞中翼
| Chinese Restaurant Burnaby | James On Hastings

Q: Why does the fried skin puff up and separate from the chicken skin?
This is usually because the batter is not evenly coated, or the batter is not finely adjusted and has air bubbles. When there is air between the batter and the chicken skin, this air will expand when the frying heat is heated, and the batter will be mixed with the chicken skin. The chicken skin is separated. If this happens, the fried chicken wings will be greatly affected, and the moisture of the skin and meat will be seriously lost, making the skin hard and the inside dry. It can be avoided as long as you pay more attention when mixing the batter and dipping the batter.
Q: Why is the color of fried chicken wings always not golden enough?
The chicken wings are fried to a golden brown and beautiful, and the flour coating, oil temperature, frying time and the quality of the oil will all have an impact. The color of different coating powder will also be different, if you want a more golden color, you can choose a coating containing eggs or cheesecake flour. If the oil temperature is too high or the frying time is too long, the color will become darker. On the contrary, if the oil temperature is too low or the frying time is insufficient, the color will turn white. The color that comes out, if you can grasp these points, I believe that you can blast out the golden and attractive color.


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