Pan-Fried Yee Mein 干燒伊麵

Pan-Fried Yee Mein 干燒伊麵   Chow Mein Delivery Free Vancouver

Pan-Fried Yee Mein 干燒伊麵

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Pan-Fried Yee Mein 干燒伊麵 | 
Chow Mein Delivery Free Vancouver

Dry-roasted Yee mein is a traditional local snack in Jiangsu Province. This surface is divided into hard "two-sided yellow" and soft "two-sided yellow". Hard "two-sided yellow" is fried in raw noodles, and soft "two-sided yellow" is the bottom of the hard surface. Drain and fry, and fry both sides until golden brown. The aroma wafts out, then take it out and put it on a plate, and then pour the toppings on the surface, let the noodles absorb enough marinade, and the taste is fragrant and delicious.

How to Cook: Burnaby Chinese Restaurant

Heat half a pot of water, add the noodles, cook for ten seconds, cook until loose and the oil is cooked. Then take out the yakisoba, put it in Lenghe, and drain it for later use. If there is mud on the top of the straw mushroom to remove, clean it. Cut a knife at the bottom of the straw mushroom, about one centimeter. After boiling, you can get out the grassy smell. Boil hot water, add a piece of ginger and cook for 30 seconds. Add straw mushrooms, cook for 30 seconds, take out, wash, and slice thickly. Heat up a pot, add two teaspoons of raw oil, heat it up, add straw mushrooms, stir-fry the fresh fragrance of straw mushrooms, and fry on both sides. Add 230 ml of water, vegetarian oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce, and cook over medium-high heat for one minute. Put down yee noodles and absorb all the soup. Under the old soy sauce to adjust the color, try the taste. 
Cut the chives into two-inch lengths and add them last, otherwise,  water will come out. The Yee Mein absorbed all the soup, poured the sesame oil, and the [Dry-Roasted Yimian] was done!

Don't cut the yi noodles short, because when used to celebrate birthdays, yi noodles mean longevity. The noodles are chewy and smooth, and the straw mushrooms are crunchy. 


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