Soft Sparerib Lo Mein 豬軟骨撈麵

Soft Sparerib Lo Mein 豬軟骨撈麵 | Hong Kong Cafe Vancouver | James On Hastings

Soft Sparerib Lo Mein 豬軟骨撈麵

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Soft Sparerib Lo Mein 豬軟骨撈麵
Hong Kong Cafe Vancouver |
James On Hastings


Fresh tomato one peeled and diced pork cartilage cut to appropriate size Pour a teaspoon of oil into the pot, fry the diced tomatoes until they become mushy, if they dry quickly, add a small amount of water, then add the tomato hot pot base, continue to stir fry until thick, add water to boil the soup After the soup is boiled, adjust the taste according to the taste, add some sugar or salt, because I put the soup for stewing the ribs, I don't add any more salt in this one Take out the soup, add water to the cook the noodles for 4-5 minutes (the longer time can be shortened according to the nature of the noodles), and put the noodles into the soup directly after cooking This is the finished product


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